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Underfloor Heating Services in Manchester

We are experienced designers and installers of water underfloor heating Manchester systems. Underfloor heating provides a neat and energy efficient alternative to heating your home with traditional radiators.

Underfloor heating works by pumping a controlled flow of warm water through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. Imagine the luxury of warm floors on a cold winter morning, especially if your home has tile or stone floors. Although underfloor heating is best suited to new builds or refurbishments, it can be retrospectively fitted on top of existing floors by raising the floor level slightly. We supply, fit and fully service various makes of water-based underfloor heating, including John Guest, Myson, Nu-Heat and Polypipe.

Energy Saving Underfloor heating

Our underfloor heating systems are perfect for those looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Underfloor heating operates at much lower temperatures than conventional heating systems. When combines with heat pumps and solar panels underfloor heating can provide a long term sustainable option to heating your home. Underfloor heating also has the advantage of providing a uniform heating experiences for owners as well as even distribution of heat as there are no convection currents. This then leads to a reduction in draughts and ultimately a much more pleasant environment.

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Underfloor Heating in Manchester Installed By Experts

Underfloor heating is considered to be more user and environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems as well as easier to control. Each room has its own set of pipes that are independent of the rest of the heating system. Each room can be adjusted to a particular temperature and time to suit your habits and needs, this then reduces the temperature fluctuations within the home as well as averaging out energy consumption.

Our underfloor heating systems are also significantly quieter than other heating systems. The fact they operate at lower temperatures means that there is less heat expansion within the pipes, in fact, they are virtually silent. Some of our customers do ask about the noise made from the water flow but due to the fact that actually there is such a small amount of water moving through the system there is very little noise from the water flow.

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